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Business insurance is necessary, but it seems like all of the insurance companies that you have contacted don’t care at all about your business. Not only that, but:

  • Their premiums are too high
  • They don’t answer your questions
  • They don’t explain things


And you want to trust your business to them? What happens if you need them? Are they going to be there for you?

Tired of getting sky high quotes and paying high fees to be ignored when you need help from your insurance brokerage? Are you looking for someone with a fresh new approach that can structure a creative business insurance solution?

What makes us here at JI Insurance Brokerage so different?

We value our customers.

We take your needs into consideration.

We will give you the attention that you deserve.

We will contact you back immediately.

Premium Payment Plans Available.

We explain your Insurance Contract so you can understand what you Purchase!

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Below you will find some benefits that Business insurance can provide. Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the actual policy:

When you have a business, you want to protect it and all your business’ assets. You never know when something is going to happen that is out of your control. That is where business insurance comes in. There are a variety of reasons why having business insurance is a good idea for both your business and your employees.

It’s required – By law, The law requires employers operating in New York State to have workerscompensation coverage for their employees, with limited exceptions. … . If you don’t have insurance, you could be fined and even have criminal or civil penalties. The cost of not having insurance can be a lot more than being covered.

You may be Sued- Just imagine someone is in your business and they slip and fall on the floor, becoming hurt. What are you going to do? If you have insurance, that would take care of the person’s injuries. When you are insured, you can feel more confident running your business without having to worry about someone becoming hurt inside of it.

Protecting you in case of Disaster – Just imagine that your business catches on fire. If you’re not insured, this could spell disaster for your business, but when you have Business Owners Insurance, the policy will pay the income that your company normally makes if the loss is covered.

Protecting your Business & Employees – It’s one of the best decisions for your business that you will ever make!

Your Business will look Credible!

When you have insurance for your business, it will make it look like a credible business. It shows customers and prospective clients that you are serious about your business. That’s why a lot of businesses will put on their signs and trucks that they are licensed, insured, and bonded.

It may be in the Business contract for partnership or job opportunities that have insurance requirements!

There are different variables that could mean that you need to have business insurance:

If you’re renting or leasing the business facility, your Landlord might require you carry a business insurance policy.

If you had to borrow money for financing equipment, operations, or buildings, it may be in your loan agreement that you have to have insurance.

Contracts with clients may require that you have insurance so your customers know your covered for the work being done.

If you need business insurance, contact us and let us tell you what we can do for you.  We have helped many business owners with getting the coverage that they need and protecting their businesses and their employees. We have many employees who can help you with finding the right insurance coverage to protect your business and your employees.

Don’t take a chance with your business. Contact us today and we can give you the information that you need to help you make the right decision. You will find that the return on your investment in happy employees, satisfied customers and most important of all, your business is even more than you can imagine.

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