Homeowners Insurance
Owning a home is one of the biggest investments in life. A primary home or a vacation home, everyone wishes to protect their property should theft or a fire occur. Homeowner’s insurance helps protect both a home and the personal contents within it. Homeowner’s insurance protects a home in more than one way. Subject to conditions, terms, and exclusions not only is the rebuilding of your home covered, but your personal property, items and additional housing expenses are provided as well! Below, we will discuss different ways that homeowner’s insurance protects you!

Dwelling coverage pays to fix or rebuild a home should a covered loss occur. Coverage is offered for fires, storms, theft and more!

Detached Structures pays to fix the damage to detached items such as sheds, fences, and garages on a property.

Personal property coverage reimburses for personal items inside a home that were destroyed or damaged. This includes jewelry, clothes, furniture, electronics, sporting goods and more!

Loss of usage pays for additional living and housing expenses if one was displaced due to a covered loss.

Liability Insurance helps protect your assets as well as covering the costs of your defense if legal action is taken against you or your family for bodily injury or property damage.

Although homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes or floods, separate policies are available upon request. Contact us today for further inquiries and a free quote!
Tragedies can occur unexpectedly, and we rarely see them coming. With JI Insurance Brokerage, you can go to sleep with a piece of mind knowing you have a insurance brokerage you can count on. We will be with you every step of the way!
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